Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Diabetics?

Are sweet potatoes good for diabetics?


For individuals who suffer from diabetes, if you are wondering whether or not sweet potatoes are  good food choice for you to consume, the answer is yes. But, why are sweet potatoes good for diabetics?

First and foremost, they are an excellent source of fiber; add this to the fact that they are low in the glycemic index.

What does the glycemic index measure?

This is basically a measure of how carbohydrates one consumes will affect blood sugar levels.

Why choose foods low in the glycemic index?

Basically these foods have less of an impact on your blood sugar levels directly. In turn, this helps individuals who suffer from diabetes to better control their blood sugar levels.

The index tracks how quickly the food will affect blood sugar levels, and how much of a spike in glucose levels will occur by consuming certain foods.

With a glycemic index level of 44 sweet potatoes are an excellent choice for both type I and type II diabetes sufferers. Any food which falls in the range of 55 or lower, is a food which is considered “low” in the glycemic index, and is a good option for those who are looking for “safe” foods to consume when choosing carbohydrates.

When consuming sweet potatoes however one must consider the method in which they are cooked and prepared, as this can cause a spike in the glycemic index of the food. So take this into account when preparing this and other foods you consume regularly.

Asking the question “are sweet potatoes good for diabetics?” is a reasonable question to ask. Since carbohydrates turn into sugar, one might think this is going to cause an instant increase in glucose levels!!

This however isn’t the case. When choosing carbohydrates as a diabetic, sweet potatoes are one of the premier options to include in your diet, as they are a low glycemic index food choice.

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