Coffee and Diabetes

Coffee and Diabetes


Here is everything you need to know about coffee and diabetes

Coffee has been put in the spotlight many times with some studies saying that it’s bad for your health. However, other studies have actually proven that coffee can be used to treat and protect against some diseases and conditions such as depression, liver diseases, Parkinson’s disease and certain kinds of cancers among others!!

However, our main focus today is coffee and diabetes. What effect does coffee have on diabetics? Or what is the relationship between consumption of coffee and diabetes control?


Does coffee increase your risk of getting diabetes?

Studies have shown that consumption of coffee is actually good for your health. Increasing your intake of coffee can largely decrease your risk of developing diabetes type 2. The real component responsible for this result has not been established yet, but research is still ongoing.


Coffee and Diabetes

For people without diabetes, consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of getting by up to 11%. However, coffee has the exact opposite effects on diabetics, and its consumption should be avoided by all means.

Coffee contains high levels of caffeine which largely increases insulin resistance resulting to very high blood sugar levels. Therefore, patients with diabetes type 2 should keep off drinking coffee.

It is evident that coffee has different effects depending on whether one has diabetes or not. It has been proven to protect against diabetes type 2 for those who don’t have it. On the contrary, studies have demonstrated that it increase the blood glucose levels of diabetics and also promote insulin resistance (which has negative effects on diabetics).

However, we should keep in mind that all these results are replicated when pure coffee is involved.

Coffee drinks and other forms of caffeinated drinks will produce very different results due to the effects of the added ingredients. For example, some coffee drinks have added sweeteners which can contribute to increased blood sugar levels.

It is imperative to note that there are no particular foods that can guarantee total protection against diabetes. If you are scared of getting it, just talk to your doctor about diabetes exercises and also reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. If you are diabetic, always keep in mind that coffee and diabetes are not a good combination at all.

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