Diabetic Shoes for Men

Diabetic Shoes for Men


Diabetic shoes for men can also be referred to as sugar shoes, extra depth or therapeutic shoes which are specially designed and intended to reduce the risk of developing wounds on the feet.

Diabetic’s have usually sore feet which are more vulnerable to injury within hours.

Patients with diabetic neuropathy often develop a false sense of security as to how fast they can develop an ulcer on their feet. This prompted the need for a special diabetic shoes

The primary role of these shoes is to protect diabetics from complications, and other problems which can include ulcers, strains, calluses, poor circulation and serious cases can result in amputation.


Advice for a suitable diabetic shoes


Diabetic shoes for men are imperative since diabetic neuropathy can interfere with the shape of the person’s feet. This largely decreases the range of shoes that a person can comfortably wear.

Diabetic’s shoes should not be purchased casually without a prescription. This is because a trained physicians provide guidelines on the best diabetic shoes for men according to their needs.

Moreover, diabetic’s shoes  should also be fit by a professionally trained or certified individual. This can include a podiatrist, an orthotist, a pedorthist or a therapeutic shoe fitter.

Diabetic shoes for men must also come with an orthosis that can be replaced. Foot orthoses are materials such as arch supports and shoe inserts. They also include shoe fillers like heels and wedges.

They also come in different styles such as work boots and casual. This can also include diabetic running shoes. This means that diabetics can lead a normal lifestyle without having to worry about foot injuries.

When shopping , comfort should be your priority. Look for shoes that you can wear comfortably. On top of that, only wear shoes that are a perfect fit.

Avoid wearing diabetic shoes for men that are too tight or too big for you. It is also important to have your feet measured from time to time since their size keeps changing.





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