Diabetic Slippers

Diabetic  Slippers


People with diabetes are very vulnerable to foot injuries. That is why diabetic patients need diabetic slippers.

They could develop ulcers on their feet in a matter of a few hours. Therefore, patients with diabetes (especially diabetes type II) are always advised to wear protective shoes to minimize the risk of foot injury.

This is because, once they develop an ulcer or wounds on their feet, it takes a longer time to heal. This is what prompted the need for diabetic slippers.


Which slippers are suitable for diabetic patients?

Diabetic slippers have various characteristics which make them different from regular shoes:

  • Slippers for daibetes, unlike regular slippers, are made of different materials such as real leather, Zennon, and others. Diabetic slippers also come with moldable or adjustable insoles so as to make it convenient for the feet.
  •  They have more room for the toes to minimize friction. Friction caused by the toes sticking together due to less toe room can easily result in blisters and ulcers.
  • Diabetic slippers also come with added features such as a multi-density insole that prevent sheering. This is the forward and backward movement of the feet when sitting, standing or walking.
  • They also have no stitching on the inside. Most of it is on the outside since the smallest irritation can result to scarring and wound formation.
  • Slippers for diabetics also have soles which don’t skid as a preventive measure from falling.
  • Diabetic slippers are also very deep so as to provide more room for shoe inserts and orthotics.


People living with diabetes are advised to take proper care of their feet since the high blood sugar interferes with proper circulation to the feet leading to neuropathy.

Diabetes slippers are designed to help them lead a normal lifestyle without having to worry about foot injuries. Even though diabetics are strongly advised against wearing slip-ons, diabetic slippers are the best alternative

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