Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar?

Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar?


Many people wonder, does exercise lower blood sugar? The fact is, there is little question today that exercise is very important for someone with type 2 diabetes.

By combining the effects of a change in diet with exercise and medication, many people have been able to reverse their condition.

Does exercise lower blood sugar?

Well, here is how it helps.


· Increases insulin sensitivity

Being active increases the sensitivity of your cells to insulin making your body cells use insulin better.


· Lowers blood glucose

Exercise helps your body to eliminate glucose from your blood without using insulin.

Over time, your reliance on insulin injections and diabetes medication lessens.


· Cuts off excess weight

It helps to burn off excess fat thus managing the diabetic’s weight. Decreasing body fat helps the body use insulin better.


· Reduces the risk of heart disease

Many type 2 diabetics have a problem with blood circulation and have a higher risk of heart disease.

Exercise improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and helps to protect the heart and blood vessels against disease.


It is recommended that a diabetic should consistently check their blood sugar levels before, during and after exercise to prevent extreme blood sugar levels.

If you experience hypoglycemia symptoms, resolve it in the following ways:

1. Have some regular soda, fruit juice, hard candy, sports drink or glucose tabs.

2. Wait for 25 minutes then check your blood sugar levels again.

3. In case there is no improvement, repeat step 1.

4. Once you recover, take your snacks and meals as usual in order to keep the sugar levels up.


Keep in mind these safety measures when exercising:

1. Talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program, especially if you have been inactive for a long time.

2. Wear comfortable shoes that fit you properly

3. Wear your medic alert bracelet or necklace as you exercise

4. Observe your body in case of shortness of breath or chest pains.


The effect exercise will have on your sugar levels will be determined by the length of time spent exercising.

Immediately after exercising and in the next few hours, it is important to check if blood sugar levels are stable because physical activity draws in reserve sugar stored in the muscles and liver.

So, does exercise lower blood sugar? I guess you now have the answer.



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