Is Honey Good for Diabetes? (Type 2)

Is Honey Good for Diabetes? (Type 2)


In your quest to avoid consuming sugar in your type 2 diabetic eating plan, you may be wondering what you can use to sweeten your food. A such as is honey good for diabetes? You may have read one or two articles mentioning honey as a source of nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, selenium and copper.

So, is honey good for diabetics? Add the fact that honey is a combination of fructose and glucose; therefore, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels as much as pure sugar would. This may lead you to believe it is a smart choice.

Not so fast.


Honey and inflammation

To start off, anyone who consumes honey on a regular basis especially people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes tend to notice increased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP).An elevated C-reactive protein level, identified by blood tests is considered to be a non-specific marker for a disease.

Doing anything that will increase inflammation in your body such as taking honey is putting your health in jeopardy as inflammation is the leading contributor to a whole number of different diseases including heart disease. So, is honey good for diabetics? Continue reading to find out.


Honey and calories

Also remember that honey does contain calories. At 64 calories per tablespoon, it will quickly add up if you are not careful. If you use just two tablespoons per day everyday for one month, this would mean an added one pound of body fat accumulated on your frame. Do this for one year and you will be 12 pounds heavier.


Honey and blood sugar

Finally, consuming honey will still increase your blood sugar level. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that just because honey doesn’t increase blood sugar as much as table sugar does, it’s healthy. Sure, it’s not as bad as sugar, but it’s not ideal either.


Sois honey good for diabetes?

Well, I guess in light of the above revelations, you clearly have your answer right there! and you can read more about special diet for diabetes here

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