Juice for Diabetics

Juice for Diabetics


When it comes to diabetes, people often know what to eat, but very few people know what is the best juice for diabetics. The beverage you take has a significant effect not only on your blood glucose but also on your weight.

Recent statistics shows that more than 422 million people across the world have diabetes. These figures do not include pre-diabetics.

More than 93 % of diabetes is primarily caused by lifestyle choices. This means that most diabetics can be managed by eating and drinking right.

American diabetic association recommends choosing zero or low sugar drinks. This includes water, coffee, unsweetened teas, and diet soda, but what about juice for diabetics?


Recommended diabetes drink


Certain juices, when taken in moderation, are considered appropriate for diabetics. These includes grapefruits, pineapple, orange juice, all types of citric juices, apple juices and tomato juices.

The American Diabetes Association includes Citrus juices and lemon on their list of diabetes drinks due to its fiber content.

  • Lemon juice is low in carbohydrates and has a high amount of vitamin C. This is very beneficial for people with diabetes.
  • Orange juices are digested very quickly in your body, which is why it is recommended as a treatment for hypoglycemia; therefore, you need to be careful when drinking it.


Best juice for diabetes


The best way to know whether any particular juice will raise your blood sugar too much is to test your blood sugar glucose one or two hours before and after taking it, then compare the numbers.

Its no doubt, that juices are beneficial for diabetics, but be sure that the labels say it’s 100 % juices and no sugar added or at least low sugar drinks.

When taking any juice, it may be a good idea to pair it with a meal that contains protein and fat.

Such combination will ensure that the juice is digested at a slower rate, thus may not raise the blood sugar rapidly or as much as the juice alone.

All juices have a significant amount of natural sugar. This can spike your blood sugar, so it is highly recommended that you use any recommended juice for diabetics in moderation.

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