Moringa and Diabetes Really Great

Moringa and Diabetes Really Great


Moringa is a natural herb that has been used in the treatment of several diseases and conditions such as obesity, macular degeneration, cancer, and osteoporosis. Recent studies have talked about Moringa and diabetes.

Diabetes can be divided into diabetes type I and type II. Most people believe that it is incurable and can only be managed using medications and having special diabetic diet which is mentioned here ” special diet for diabetes made easy“.

However, some recent studies have proved us wrong by providing proof that some remedies can be used to curb the effects of diabetes. One of these remedies is the Moringa Oleifera.


The leaves of the Moringa tree are a hub for major significant nutrients which largely help in relieving the symptoms of diabetes. These nutrients include:


Vitamin C

Diabetes is characterized by a deficiency in Vitamin C, and this is what interferes with the normal working of the pancreas, thus making it less sensitive to blood sugar.

Moringa leaves have a higher percentage of vitamin C as compared to an orange. Therefore, it is among the best remedies for diabetes patients.


Oleic acid

Moringa leaves are not the only useful part of the tree. Its seeds are also helpful in many ways. For example, Moringa seeds have been found to contain high levels of oleic acid which are very useful in reversing the effects of glucose and cholesterol thereby bringing natural balance in the body.

Oleic acid is very useful to diabetes patients because it replaces the need for insulin in the body and ultimately results in a natural balance.


Vitamin E

Moringa is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E. These antioxidants are very useful especially to patients with diabetes type II.This is because diabetes type II results when the pancreatic cells become less sensitive to insulin.

Antioxidants such as Vitamin E help the body get rid of the toxins in a natural way, and this is very helpful to people with diabetes.


Moringa is a hub of untapped potential. It has already been proven to treat a myriad of diseases and conditions.

Recent studies on moringa and diabetes show great results , due to moringas high content of rich nutrients needed for the treatment of diabetes. It has also been proven to boost our immune system, and therefore, its potential is unimaginable.

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