Smoking and Diabetes a Deadly Combination

Smoking and Diabetes a Deadly Combination


Smoking is bad for everyone but it is worse for diabetic patients. Smoking and diabetes a deadly combination for anyone.

Unsurprisingly, smoking can not only make your diabetes worse, but it can also lead a healthy person to become a diabetic patient !!

Putting smoking and diabetes, a deadly combination together can put you at risk of facing additional abnormalities such as heart related problems, kidney dysfunction, nerve damage, blindness and more.


Nicotine and Diabetes

Nicotine residing in cigarettes is solely responsible for all these intimidations to your overall health.

When nicotine mixes with blood, hemoglobin A1c is raised by approximately thirty-four percent. Hemoglobin A1c is a mixture of glucose and hemoglobin that is used as an indicator to measure blood sugar in the human blood.


Smoking Damages Blood Vessels

Poisonous chemicals like nicotine harden arteries to weaken the ability of blood to carry oxygen all through the body.

All the blood vessels that feed oxygen to the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes are damaged with a deadly combination of high blood glucose and smoking.

Just like high sugar levels, poisonous chemicals in smoke released while smoking cigarettes attack blood vessels.

According to a study performed on the similar topic, diabetics who smoke have higher blood sugar levels compared to the ones who don’t smoke. Ten out of ten diabetes patients who smoke revealed very high blood glucose levels in the study.


Smoking and Diabetes Treatment

Heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and an increase in bad cholesterol are only some of the problems associated with smoking that make your diabetes treatment even more challenging.


Diabetes-related complications that you were supposed to face at the later stages of your disorder will surface earlier because of smoking.

Though it is extremely hard to quit smoking, it is not impossible. In fact, it is your only solution to living a better, healthier life

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